If you want to cooperate with us, it’s just as simple as this:

  2. Please tell us what exactly you are looking for. Filling out and sending the inquiry form on this page is sufficient. We will contact you with an actual offer, in some cases we may visit you personally and arrange the details. In this step, everything is non-binding.

  4. If you have decided to do business with us, we will prepare and send you a contract afterwards. This contract will include all terms and conditions of our cooperation. The contract will be bilingual, English and Slovak. The contract is governed by English law, the Slovak translation is intended for the Slovak authorities.

  6. Due to your inquiry follows a selection or search of suitable personnel for their needs . We will try to make this step as short as possible (in most cases comparatively only few days), but it is to note that in some cases, if the demand is for special type of workers, the duration may be extended.

  8. After consultation with you, the departure and arrival on your site will be organized. In the event of any changes or problems, we are willing to resolve the situation immediately. During the first 3 days you are entitled to apply for an exchange, in case of any dissatisfaction. If you are satisfied, we look forward to continue working with you and it would be nice if you recommend us.